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Loving Care & Learning for Infants

Looking for cooing and cuddling? You’ve found the right place! Our Infant room is full of warm, inviting and stimulating experiences. Our dedicated teachers delight in caring for your adorable little babies. You will see it in their faces every morning as you leave your precious little one in their care.

Our professional staff will promote all aspects of infant development, making sure to implement cognitive, social-emotional, and language development daily. This is accomplished primarily through sensory discovery.

If you spent the day with our teachers you will find them singing, talking, and reading to your baby. Age appropriate experiences are used to promote specific developmental skills by using the Creative Curriculum along with a variety of learning toys in the room.

Q & A

Q: What am I required to bring for my baby?

A: You will need to send in a weekly supply of diapers, wipes, creams, powders, and several changes of clothes. A daily report will be sent home; here is where the teacher will inform you about what items they are running low on. Please bring in the needed items the following day.

Q: What is the daily schedule?

A: Your infants schedule is based around their naps, meals, activity time, and outside time. Teachers will use the daily report to inform you about what your little one ate, how they slept, and their diaper changes. Each infant may have their own individual schedule and it will change as they grow and develop. Age appropriate experiences that promote specific developmental skills are planned. Some of these are:

Q: What can you tell me about the curriculum used?

A: Creative Curriculum is used throughout the school (except for VPK). This curriculum  promotes growth in all aspects of child development: cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and language. It is based on themes and centers throughout the year.

Q: How do the teachers promote learning language?

A: Throughout the day as the teachers sing, read, and talk to them.They talk about pictures in the books as they read them aloud, physical objects in the room, colors and shapes of the toys, and of course the teachers always describe to the babies what is happening as they get a new diaper or have a meal.

Q: How will I know if my child is meeting the developmental milestones?

A: Every child at Learning In Motion has a portfolio and here is where it begins. Their Portfolio follows them until they graduate from the VPK program. In here you will find photographs of learning taking place, art work, writing samples as they develop, and anything their teacher specifies as a learning experience throughout the time spent at our school. Additionally, the teachers will be writing bi-weekly anecdotals  and twice a year you will receive an assessment to sign; these also get placed in the portfolio. This is how we track each child's progress through their time spent in our school.

Q: How many babies are in the infant room?

A: The maximum capacity is eight infants and typically there are three to eight infants in the room at one time.

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